What is the last dream you remember?
I remember all my dreams and they are all really weird. I had one when I was really really little. I sleep with this little soft toy and I lost it in the dream, so I went to try and find it (he was a little leopard and his name was Leo.) I was trying to find him everywhere and couldn’t find him! I went into a place like this actually…and there were all these trampolines everywhere, with people jumping all over the place. He was sitting up high on a wall in the corner on a chair. When I went to go get him, the place turned into a boat instead. He was sitting at a bar and the boat was sinking, so everyone was rushing out and it was so hectic in the commotion, that I lost him again! I got out and he drowned… and that was the end. I was really sad. I was just sitting in the water and I knew that he sunk with the ship.

How would you describe your practice?
It’s a hot mess, just like me. I have no idea what’s going on, but something is happening! I like to have really fucked up things going on in my concepts. People don’t really like it in certain situations, but it’s me. I work with Soft Sculptures, they can be performance pieces, catwalk pieces, they can even be props. My next collection will be more wearable though.

What does “Create or Die” mean to you?
I think everyone needs to be creative. Living the life of a desk job is death to me. I feel like you need creativity to even feel good about yourself. Creativity makes you feel amazing and refreshed. I couldn’t even imagine not creating. I would jump off the Sydney Harbour Bridge. So… yeah I would definitely die.

What revives your creative spirit?
Really really loud music, like blasting in your ears loud, like your ear drums are dead loud! I always have my pot of green tea near by; that makes me feel really refreshed.

I love painting. I really miss playing the piano, that’s something I’d like to do more… and spending time with friends, that revives me, just partying!

How did you first start & why?
I guess I always wanted to do this. I was always the weird one in school that would make and wear weird stuff. The more I do, the crazier it gets; it gets crazier by the week!


What keeps you going?
I like to set a goal and then work my way towards it. I keep myself going. I always have more goals and then I get excited when I reach them. That keeps me going!

Do you have any rituals?
I put the music on and dance and sing around my apartment before I start my work.

What are your creative outlets?
I paint a lot, I miss playing the piano. Basically I spend most of my time dancing around between creating.

What props did you bring to the shoot? Why?
The thing I brought is part of my graduate collection. I brought it because it’s kind of the only thing I could bring logically. It’s a ball-sac-tit-clit-vagina-lips thing… there’s fake pubes a whole lot of saliva. It’s a wearable performance piece it just kind of hangs around your neck.

If money were no object, what would you do?
First i would be covered in tatts. I’d completely change my wardrobe. I would get a long-haired tea cup Chihuahua. I’d move to Tokyo. Hire a japanese chef to live permanently in my kitchen and eat Japanese food all the time.

What is the hardest thing about your practice?
Nothing is really hard about my practice, I suppose because I love it… it comes easily. I couldn’t even think of anything else I’d want to do. I guess… maybe people that don’t understand my work sometimes… that can be difficult.

What has been the most significant moment for you creatively so far?
I went overseas to study at Central Saint Martins. Galliano, McQueen – they went there. It was amazing, I only went there for four months and I learnt more in those four months than in my entire degree. They think a whole different way to our Australian fashion way of thinking. It opened my brains to a million different things that I could do.

What motivates you?
Music. It’s like my coffee (I hate coffee.) It fakes my energy for me until I can actually get up and have energy. Seeing other artists and what they do gets me really excited as well! It makes me think of all the things I can do!

What do you see yourself doing, when you are say… 50?
Holy shit….Living overseas definitely. I’d be doing the same thing. I do millinery. I think… just having a massive studio and shop and being queen rainbow overseas, where everyone knows me as the weird old lady that’s really weird and wears awesome makeup and scares children. Actually 50 isn’t even old, but I guess i’m thinking like 80….I’d be the exact same.

What are you currently working on / what’s coming up for you?
Researching for my new collection. The last collection i did was quite grotesque. I’m kind of getting into the Tim Burton vibe a little. I’ve just been playing around with different methods of being inspired… so I got an 80’s wedding dress, red wine and lit it all up with candles. I have two rooms – my bedroom and my art room. So I was sitting in this dress with red wine spilling all over me. I did my makeup so I looked dead and then watched Tim Burton movies, purposely spilling wax and wine all over me to get into. I like to really really get into it. 

I did portrait photography for "Amelia Vivash". I also do baby portraits, actors, People, Corporate and family portraits