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TAKE ME TO THE EDGE is an inclusive and donation-based entry event, spaces are limited, so to secure your ticket – pay what you can afford here: 

To celebrate the opening of the Midjuburi Precinct Creative Trails, Create or Die presents: 
“TAKE ME TO THE EDGE” – an instalment in the UNPOLISHED series by Artistic Director, Deb Morgan – an experimental evening of multi-platform artworks. 

A night of unexpected artistic freedom. Connect with seasoned Australian artists as they create site-specific artworks, ebbing & flowing between the polished & unpolished, the choreographed and the improvised. 

The show will explore themes around political, societal and personal boundaries – gender equality, freedom of expression, the political climate, support for the arts.


Cass Mortimer Eipper x Viola Iida
A Contemporary Dance piece by choreographer Cass Mortimer Eipper (Cannes Film Festival winner – Best Dance Film 2019) – Performed by Viola Iida�

With a voice that’s been dubbed “neo-soul” by music reviewers internationally, WCB perfectly blends sultry R&B, electronica, and trip-hop into something fresh and distinct that is truly his own. His live show features floor to ceiling projection work to fully realise his vocal landscapes and pull you deep into a plush and stormy dreamworld.

Multi-Media Artist, featured at VIVID 2019. Teetering on the edge of low-fi aesthetic and technical 3D modelling. Juune Lee will create a site-specific 3D projection-mapped artwork transforming the environment into a digital jungle.

Accompanying Art Exhibition (runs through until 10th August) featuring:

Brad Robson – Internationally acclaimed painter & muralist. Robson recently completed a 10metre mural in the heart of New York, and a selected artist at Woodward Gallery alongside art heavyweights such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol & David Hockney 

Pedro Greig – Mutli-platform artist and official photographer & cinematographer for Sydney Dance Company.

Noah Regan-Roach – this emerging young artist and filmmaker is turning heads in the art world with his raw and unapologetic style. A talented and unusual artist in his own right, Regan-Roach is also an assistant to the renowned Australian artist, Anthony Lister, and has recently completed a short art-film documentary on Lister and his enigmatic energy and often chaotic lifestyle.

D C Willans – Working as an Airbrush Artist, Graffiti Artist and Mural Artist in Sydney, D C Willans’ artistic journey began at the age of 11 when he exhibited his first collection of work consisting of oil painted landscapes . His obvious talent and potential was recognised and lead to being awarded the Prince’s Trust grant, a prestigious, British accolade which funds aspiring, up and coming artists. Using black and white shades with striking injections of colour, he creates iconic and unique portraits, modern landscapes, large wall murals and bespoke, customised pieces. 

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