“Earlier this year I thought I’d dip my toe into scoring for film, and now I’m addicted. Here is a piano version of my main title theme for Moth, a great short film from the crew at Kitsune Films, produced by Deb Morgan and directed by Storm Ashwood. It’s getting accepted into a lot of film festivals around the world and has collected a few very nice awards along the way!
~ Pedro Greig

“MEMORY” by Pedro Greig – from the short film MOTH”


I’d say he did more than just “dip his toes” in.

It’s amazing when you find kindred spirits to work on creative projects with, and Pedro has been a close creative confidant for over 6 years now, possibly more but who’s counting!

When he sent across the cut of this music video using scenes from our film Moth I instantly welled up. Short films are a huge labour of love for all involved; generally with next to no budget to finance it, long hours in pre-production, long hours on set, long long hours in post and many months of promoting and uploading to festivals with little to no financial gain or platform to release them after the festival circuit.

Art is hard. It takes dedication, passion, vision and perhaps a certain type of crazy to maintain this level of on-going passion for a project.

Surround yourself with those who feed your artistic soul and who refuse to compromise on freedom of expression.

~ Deb Morgan ~