This is my pick of the week for Music To Create To. Daughter’s version of “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk.

Daughter is a band that I definitely should have bumped to the top of my playlist by now – this is yet another reminder of why.

I love the passion and sentiment behind their lyrics, whilst they seem to be timeless and well rehearsed human stories about love, hurt and relationships, there is an undeniable originality to the way they tell these stories.

This, along with their ability to send shivers down your spine with the vocals, definitely awards them ‘top of the playlist’ status for this week. 

I wasn’t sold until the chorus kicked in on this track (I’m not a massive fan of covers that muck around with the melody) but they definitely brought in back in line and then nailed it – so listen all the way through. Then hit repeat.

~ Deb ~